Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Flies When You're.......Well, Time Just Flies

I apologize, gentle readers for the rather serious gap since I last posted.

I have found myself in something of a slump yet again and am having a difficult time pulling myself out of it. I blame it on the Holidays.

I love the Holiday season. Good food. Family. Friends. Celebrations. But, yet again this year, my FSS (Former Supposed Spouse) is absent from us. And, even though the general consensus is that we (myself and my children) are better off without him, I still found myself missing him terribly. I did my best to occupy my time and my thoughts. And for the most part, was successful. I have for several years done baking for other people - the fancy little pain-in-the-ass Norwegian treats that no one wants to mess with anymore - lefse, fattigmand, sandbakkles, krumkakke, and rosettes - and I seem to be quite talented at candy making so I make fudge and glazed nuts and peanut brittle and divinity. And real gingerbread men with royal icing. And rolled out sugar cookies and lots and lots of other favorites from my childhood that only got made at Christmas time. And those activities kept me busy from about Thanksgiving until the day before Christmas. And for a few days now I've been plunking away at my new website -

But now the hustle and bustle have died down a bit. The quiet is settling in again. My oldest son went to Helena to spend a week with his dad. So, it's just me and Bug. And here comes New Years. And who am I going to kiss at midnight?

The FSS's aunt died the Monday before Christmas. Almost 30 years to the day that her husband proposed to her. I had the privilege of knowing her. She was a lovely woman. Generous and kind. And she will be missed.  She lived in Utah, but I find myself being the one to organize the posting of the obituary in our local paper. And comfort my former supposed mother-in-law. And that's okay. It gives me something to focus on besides my lonesome, lost, self-pitying self.

2011 has got to be better.