Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trolls......FUCK 'em!!

I love Trolls. 

They think they Bother Me. 

They think they will Get Under My Skin and fester there like the proverbial thorn in the lion's paw. 

They think the words they fling at me ANONYMOUSLY can somehow hurt me and make me retreat into my Bitch Cave and collapse there in a quivering heap because **GASP**

Someone Doesn't Like Me!! 
(Sarcasm. That was sarcasm in case you didn't notice. How I wish there was an app for that!!)

For those of you who don't know what a Troll is, let me define it for you....

Troll: A dumbass who makes idiotic posts in message boards or newsgroups for the sole purpose of pissing people off, often lacking in intelligence. Sometimes compared to people who pass you by on the the sidewalk then grab you in inappropriate places.

I guess have one of these now.

I find it amusing - in fact, downright fucking hilarious. I look forward with anticipation to see what utterly unoriginal way this ass hat is gonna try and put me in my place. 

And much as this idiot would apparently like me to, I am NOT losing any sleep over it. I'm not angry about it - I laughed my mother-effing ASS off over the latest flame he posted.

Bitch, PLEASE!

You will not now, nor will you EVER make me feel inferior for who I am - A Damn Fine All-Fucking-American BITCH! I know I am a bitch, and yeah, probably some would even call me a whore - and that's just fucking FABULOUS! 

My choices, my actions, my relationships, my successes, my failures, my loves, my losses, my thoughts, my dreams, even my fears - are MINE. They make me who I am today. It's okay that you don't like me. You don't have to. That's the beauty of living in America - you can shout your opinion as loudly and as stupidly as you want. And, I can shout mine back just as fucking loudly and a helluva lot smarter than you.

But the one thing you will never get me to do is APOLOGIZE for who and what I am.

So........BRING IT, BI-OTCH! I put my on Big-Girl Panties and eat my Bitchy O's every day. 

I can fucking take it!


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