Monday, January 3, 2011

Do Bad Pennies Automatically Mean Bad News?

Ever notice that some people just keep turning up? Like bad pennies? 

I'm gonna have to stop going to the grocery store at 5:00 because, besides the obvious (too many people, not enough cashiers, etc.), I keep running into this one particular person. And ordinarily it wouldn't bother me because i don't know him really well and what I do know of him, I'm not particularly impressed with. He's kind of a cocky little fuck. Of course, the only contact I have ever had with him has been while in the company of the FSS (former supposed spouse). Oh yeah, and the Drunk Dialer. And there's really not a lot of love lost between either of them and this person.

Once upon a time, about 150 years ago - think it was the second time the FSS landed himself in jail - he answered a personal add that I had placed. (He had placed one too - think it was shortly after he and his wife had split.) Nothing ever came of it. But now every time I see him, I remember that.

And given my current state of mind - all those thoughts swimming about that I talked about last time - that's probably not such a good thing. It makes me wonder though. I only know him through my FSS's point of view. And as I mentioned, there is NO love lost between them. And in the last few months of all my soul-searching and inward reflection I have learned that I am entitled to my own opinions about people. That just because the FSS doesn't like someone, it doesn't mean I automatically don't get to like them.

So I find myself doing things a little differently. For example, I try NOT to go to the grocery store at that time of day in my pajama pants. And if my hair is bad (it's a good thing it's winter) I wear my funky winter hat. And if it's not cold enough to warrant a hat, I take a minute to fluff and spray. Use the "old lady cream" that has a touch of foundation in it so I don't look so much like death warmed over. Maybe even some lip gloss.

And I guess even if he doesn't notice or care, it's all good either way. Because I've also noticed that when I don't LOOK like death warmed over, I don't FEEL so much like it either.

Happy lip glossing this bright and shiny brand new year!


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