Monday, January 3, 2011

Somewhere, Anywhere......Someone, Not Just Anyone

I'm stealing the "somewhere anywhere" line from my fellow blogger Tammy over at Queen-Sized Funny Bone ( 

I didn't realize that I have the very same wish for 2011 until I read her post. I want to go somewhere, anywhere but here. Not to stay. Just to visit. Even if it's just for the weekend. Hell even just a Saturday-come-back-Sunday thing. Just go somewhere and do something fun. Wear my high heels again.

With someone. In particular. Who has an annoying habit of being quite charming. When he's not calling at "a quarter after one." Or, maybe he just knows me too well and simply knows exactly which buttons to push.

Cabin fever I think it's called. That feeling of having been cooped up for far too long and the intense need to be out of the confines of my room, my house, my mind. Maybe. Lots of thoughts rolling around up in there and not all of them are good ones. Safe ones. Smart ones. Sure would be fun though.

But once again, I am confronted with the question of where would it lead. Why start something - again - that very probably isn't going to end well. Again.


Anonymous said...

I think you will make the right choice in the end. You've been burned too many times! Be Brave, lookforward, not back.....

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