Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop #38

Once again, it's Monday and time for Meet Me On Monday hosted by Java at Never Growing Old!

Come play along, won't you?!

This week's questions are:
1. Do you have a fireplace in your home?
No, sadly, I do not. I would LOVE to have one though because there is just NO heat like WOOD heat. The little meeting house where I go to my Al-Anon meetings has a wood stove. When I go to a meeting when it's cold outside, the warmth of that wood stove makes me feel oh-so-very-cozy. I have a spot in my house all picked out for it and everything. And if I actually owned my house, I would so be all over getting one installed. But, since I rent, I don't think my landlord would be all that excited about it. So, it will have to wait. 
2. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes. I can. When I took Driver's Ed about a million years ago, we were required to learn how to drive a stick. (And because I live in Montana and took my Driver's Ed in January, I learned to drive in the middle of a blizzard!) As long as you're not picky about smooth starts and stops, I do just fine. And as long as I don't have to start moving forward going uphill, I'm okay. I get a little paranoid about letting off the brake and easing off the clutch when facing uphill. I'm always worried that I'm going to start rolling backward. Into the car behind me. Which, knowing my luck, would be a cop car.
3. How many computers are in your home?
That are in actual working condition? Four. Two are mine - a lap top and a desk top. Two are my roommates - also a lap top and a desk top. And then there are the two dinosaur desk tops that I keep thinking I will set up for my little peeps to play on. They are still sitting in the basement collecting dust. 
4. Are your taxes done yet? Do you do them yourself?
Since I didn't have any income of my own this last year, I didn't have to do taxes for myself. I did the FSS's taxes and managed to find him a refund. Only to have said refund confiscated by Child Support Enforcement for the back child support he owed for his other children. Yeah. Nice, huh?! 
5. What is your favorite meal of the day? 
 I would have to say breakfast. Although, I seldom eat breakfast food at breakfast time. We love, love LOVE pancakes and bacon for dinner. Or sausage patties and scrambled eggs on English muffins. Or French toast and sausage links. Or even just a big bowl of cereal. (My favorite is still Cap'n Crunch!)
 And there you have it. This week's Meet Me On Monday! Why not sign up and join in the fun!


edshunnybunny said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love meeting new blog friends! I enjoyed reading your answers. My husband would agree with you about "no heat like wood heat". We had a wood burnng heater for many years, and he loved it. I was happy to see it go, after cleaning up ashes for so long :)

princessr9 said...

Okay, one of my biggest fears, letting out the clutch while on a steep hill. I've had nightmares about it and I don't even own a stick shift. I'm convinced I'm going to roll into another car. Lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

They do the same here in Australia with the child support. If you owe money for that you lose your refund. It seems kind of harsh but if its the only way you receive what you're owed...
Have a great week!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

With all those computers you hardly need a fireplace! You could warm up just from the heat they put off.

Clavs said...

I like you number 5 answer, like me, I always love pancake with ham and bacon or corned beef for a side dish, for breakfast...
your newest follower,

Rumtruffle said...

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too especially if it is cooked, I love bacon and eggs x

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