Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank Goodness for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, Indeed

The last couple of weeks have not been fun ones at our house.

What started two weeks ago as some sniffles and a stuffy head quickly degenerated into full-on sinusitis, followed by bronchitis, bilateral otitis media, and pharyngitis (also known as a sore throat). I would have called it tonsillitis, however my physician tells me that since I no longer have tonsils, I can no longer have tonsillitis. (I had a tonsillectomy in December 2009 at the ripe old age of 39. I do NOT recommend having that procedure done that late in life. Things that are really sweet STILL don't taste quite right.)

Anyway - a double course of antibiotics later and I'm happy to report that all of the "itis's" have left the building. Or, at the very least, are being shown the door. The building, however, is a little worse for wear. I am so worn out from fighting off all those nasty little germs that all I want to do is sleep. And for the last three days, that's pretty much all I have done - sleep. Get up and get Monkey to his bus. Sleep. Get Bug Boy to his bus. Sleep until they come home from school, get them a little snack and sleep some more. Get up and feed them, maybe get them in the tub, put them to bed. Sleep.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm glad the little boys are satisfied with foods that require a minimum of effort. I'm kinda feeling like the world's worst mom. And I hope they know I will make it up to them when I feel better. I think maybe some Monster Cookies might be in order next week.


Tammy said...

Glad your bugs left. Although I think they showed up at my door.

ahhsome said...

Those bugs sure stay a long time & wear out their welcome, don't they?...after a week,I requested them to leave.

World's worst mom? Unlikely! I rarely cook even when I'm "healthy."


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