Monday, December 12, 2011

I've Figured Out the MANswer!

For no other reason I can think of besides needing some noise in the background while going about the business of my evening - cleaning, cooking, bathing children and sending them off to bed, surfing the internet for .... well let't just leave it at surfing the internet - I had the TV on Spike TV and MANswers was on.

I am simultaneously disgusted and amused and even - once in a while - laugh out loud entertained by this show. This particular evening was all about "boobage" and what can and cannot be accomplished with them.

The question of the hour was how big can the boobs be in order to be the perfect handful? According to some very, VERY scientific findings, the perfect handful of breasteses would be a C cup. Although, if those young ladies were C cups, then I must be freakin' Dolly Parton!

Also, in order to screw in a lightbulb with your knockers - should you find yourself in the dark with your hands duct taped behind your back - you would need to be a least a D cup. Whew! What a relief to know that I could handle that obstacle!

Maybe this is why the under 30 men-people are so stupid! They watch MANswers and their IQ drops at least 10 points with each answer they get!


Anonymous said...

boobs and lightbulbs don't mix. I could see my Dolly's bursting the glass. Ouchie! I'm guessing bandaids wont adhere to the bubblies too well. :)

Merry Christmas woman! Haven't seen you in awhile! HOpe all is well and Happy new Year!

Lake Forest, CA USA

Shannon Lawrence said...

Haha, I admit to occasionally getting a kick out of that show, while alternately rolling my eyes.

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