Sunday, February 20, 2011

Upside Down On A Dime

I hugged my kids a little tighter today. Gave them a few extra kisses today. Tried to be a little slower to irritation with their usual high jinks and other nonsense today.

Because I was reminded today that life on this Earth is finite. It ends. And sometimes, far too suddenly and far too soon. Without warning. Without preparation. Life turns upside down on a dime.

A friend of mine lost her husband to an accident over the weekend. And it makes extraordinarily sad because by all accounts, theirs was a great romance that has lasted some 20 years. The unfairness of it makes me angry. And my self-pity over my own situation makes me feel quite guilty.

I have spent a fair amount of time feeling quite sorry for myself that my FSS (former supposed spouse) got himself locked up again. He's no longer here when I need him. The passenger side of my bed is absent of him. (I would say empty, but it's piled high with clean clothes, books, notebooks, etc.). But even though that side of the bed will remain absent of him, he is not altogether absent from my life. He writes letters. He calls and talks to the boys. Even though he is not here in my house, he is alive. I can talk to him. I could reach out and touch him if I chose to.

My friend can no longer do that. And my heart breaks for her.


If you love someone, tell them. Hug your children and give them lots of kisses and loves and zrrrbits. Call your mom and dad. Make those amends that need making. Because you never know when your life will turn upside down on a dime.


TV's Take said...

I really hate it when death happens to the best of humanity. Hope your friend is finding comfort in her friends.

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