Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yep. That's Right. I Did It.

What, exactly, did I do?

I entered a blog fest. For those of you who don't blog and wouldn't know, a blog fest is an event where lots of bloggers sign up to write on a given topic during a given period of time. It sounded like fun. It sounded like it would be something I could do....

And now, as I'm rolling though the linky list and looking at some of the writings of some of the other bloggers who have also signed up to participate, I'm starting to feel a little intimidated. These people are like writers in REAL LIFE. It's what they DO. And they're GOOD at it. And I'm feeling just a tad bit intimidated and a little overwhelmed.

But, as with all things in life, we live through it. And if we're lucky, we learn through it, too. I am a person who learns more by doing than by seeing so, I'm all in for better or worse!

Here's the premise - this is the April A to Z Blog fest. Every day in April, except Sundays, post a blog based on a letter of the alphabet. Twenty six letters, twenty six blogs.

I'm writing them in my head as we speak. Here's hoping I remember them long enough to put them on paper.

Blog Hosts for A to Z Blogging Challenge:


(Since I am so very new at this bloggy thing and am calling myself lucky to know how to insert ANY kind of link or picture, I will refer you to one of the above sites (well worth the trips, I promise) to find the LinkyDink to enter the blog fest.)


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