Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Memory, No Life

So. I'm sitting there watching Monday Night Football last week and it hits me.

It's premiere week. (They've only been advertising it for how long now? And I STILL managed to forget?) All the shows that have been in reruns all summer are back with new episodes. AND there are all kinds of new shows on too. So now I have to decide which ones to watch and when.

Thank God for or I would have missed everything.

Monday night, of course, is football. And right off the bat, we have a conflict because Monday night is a meeting night for me. Sorry, 12 & 12 guys, but if Minnesota or Pittsburgh play on Monday night and it's a cake night, someone else is gonna have to bring the cake. And, since "Baby" (Jennifer Grey) is on Dancing With the Stars, I will be flipping back and forth between the dancing and the touchdowns. She has been awesome the last two weeks, just so you know.

Tuesday night brings NCIS because Marc Harmon is really an oh-so-very-sexy older man. And I just love Abby - the Goth Princess slash awesome forensic analyst. If I had my life to do over, that's what I would do. Forensic science. Not as big a fan of NCIS Los Angeles but who doesn't love LL Cool J?? And then it's over to ABC for Detroit 1-8-7 which is basically NYPD Blue only in Detroit. It was okay. But I wonder why bother putting the F-word in the script when you know it's just going to get bleeped?!

Wednesday is a big night. I love, love, L-O-V-E  LOVE The Middle. I am SO Frankie it's not even funny. And Modern Family and Cougar Town crack me up as well. Wednesday gets tricky though, because there is more than one show on at a time that I want to watch. Since I don't have DVR, I have to do some creative scheduling. AND, because I can't remember anything past the end of my nose, I actually have to write it down. From 7 until 9 I'm on ABC for the above mentioned sitcoms. At 9 I'm over to NBC for Law & Order: SVU. On to CBS at 10 for Criminal Minds and then back to ABC at 11 for The Whole Truth. That's a new one with Maura Tierney (previously Abby on ER) and Rob Morrow (previously Fleischman from Northern Exposure).

I am so very glad that we get the Spokane channels here. Otherwise, I might actually have to (GASP) make a decision or something. Or you know, tear myself away from the TV and actually do something resembling constructive. Or something.

That brings us to Thursday. And if I had to pick one night to watch TV, Thursday night would be the one I would pick. And why is that, you ask??

Grey's Anatomy.

I admit it. I'm a RABID Grey's Anatomy fan. My secret shame? I have bookmarks on my computer for the voice-overs at the beginning and the end of each episode. Don't call me, don't text me, don't e-mail me (if you expect to speak to me or expect me to respond immediately) while Grey's is on. And don't come over unless you plan to sit quietly until a commercial comes on. I mean, c'MON people!! McDreamy almost DIED last season!!

And then there's Friday. I don't often get to watch TV on Friday and so I'm TOTALLY bummed that CSI:NY has been moved to Friday night. The only other one that interests me is the new cop show with Tom Selleck - Blue Bloods.

Yeah, I know. I'm lame. I have no life. I have no man (not that THAT'S such a big loss).

I actually have my "schedule" written down because along with not having a life, I have no memory, either.

Happy viewing!! And if I'm missing something that's totally worth watching, leave me a comment and tell me what I might be missing.


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